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We Provide Assistance to the Following Types of Companies

  1. Company with decelerating growth seeking to reverse the decline.
  2. Company with need to divest or reorganize non-core operations.
  3. Company that wants to investigate a roll-up acquisition strategy of competing firms.
  4. US firms by quarterbacking the local Canadian process of accessing Canadian Capital Markets – Become your local presence to spearhead the project.
  5. Company that wants to go public through TSX Venture Exchange Capital Pool Company (CPC) or IPO program to attain financing and public share currency for acquisitions.
  6. Company that has already secured VC financing and needs to focus business to attract subsequent financings.
  7. Company wishing to seek a strategic investor, partner, or acquirer. Needs to prepare itself for the process.
  8. Family-run business needs assistance to crystallize value for current shareholders and to transition company to new growth curve.
  9. Company needs help to select the right investment banking firm for a transaction.
  10. Public company with no institutional investor following.
  11. Company needs to productize customized service offerings to create recurring revenue stream.
  12. Company needs to perform competitive analysis on shifting market dynamics.
  13. Strengthen Corporate Boards of Directors by being value added Director.

Our Approach

  1. One of the key factors to our success in serving clients is aligning management’s business plan with the investors’ expectations. We call this “goal congruency.” Broadly defined, we begin working with management to build the company for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  2. In some instances we will consider a Corporate Director position in a public or private company.
  3. We can also take a direct role in the operations of client companies, working beside management to increase value. We leverage our investment expertise, operating experience, as well as our extensive network of relationships with operating executives and potential strategic partners.
  4. We will help set up a Capital Pool Company (CPC) and consider staying on as a director, or in a business development, or capital markets position to assist in M&A post the merger with the Qualifying Transaction target (QT).
  5. Our team is extraordinarily disciplined in evaluating financial and operating requirements in order to create and implement growth and profitability strategies. Recruiting assistance and opening doors for our clients are also our strengths.

Capital Pool Company Assistance

NorthCrest provides several services in regard to the TSX Venture CPC program.  The CPC, once trading on the TSX Venture Exchange, is a public company that has raised between $300,000 and $2,000,000 and has 24 months in which to do a transaction with an operating company or asset, (the Qualifying Transaction).  The program is administered by the TSX Venture Exchange on behalf of the provincial securities exchanges.

  1. Principals of NorthCrest create new CPCs to have on the shelf, ready to find a transaction.
  2. NorthCrest assists companies/individuals in creating their own CPCs. and in some instances may become a founding director/investor too.
  3. NorthCrest provides the service of finding a CPC for a company and also working concurrently to get institutional broker interest in the concurrent QT financing.  
  4. NorthCrest becomes the local champion to hand hold the company through the whole CPC process including interaction with the TSX, the sponsoring broker, the CPC, local securities legal teams, cross border legal teams and post QT IR firm selection.  In select instances the Principal may also become a board director of the resulting issuer to provide Capital Markets expertise.
  5. NorthCrest becomes the Canadian arm of a US firm in the CPC process as described in 4 above, and could serve as one of the Canadian resident directors is required or suggested.

NorthCrest also offers a 1 and ½ Day workshops on CPC preparedness, for companies to examine whether they are truly ready for a CPC transaction, and if not, what items need to be accomplished to be ready.  This is a low risk approach to have companies examine the CPC process as one of the many capital raising alternatives, without committing to any longer term engagement.